Guardians of Historic Lakewood

Lakewood Historical Society in partnership with Community Connections LLC introduces the Guardians of Historic Lakewood program, where citizens can explore and understand artifacts found in their own backyards! By sharing these findings with the community, we cultivate a sense of awe, bridging Lakewood's past with our present. 

Along with the program, we have put together a companion guidebook where you'll find valuable resources to identify artifacts, document your discoveries, and submit your data to the Lakewood Historical Society. 

Join us as a citizen archaeologist and contribute to the preservation of Lakewood's rich history!

Below are a couple of sample pages from the guidebook. Society members will have access to the full guidebook.

Share Your Findings with Us

Using this online form or emailing us this fillable pdf form, you will be able to notify us of your findings, and we can share them with the community and also provide further assistance if needed.

Guardians of Historic X

To any local historical preservation groups - We are happy to share the template that we have developed for our Guardians program. Contact us at to get the conversation started!