The Lakewood Historical Society’s Register of Historic Landmarks was started by the Lakewood Historical Society’s Board of Directors on February 17, 2004. The purpose of this Register is to create a list of historic buildings, sites and structures which the Board feels are worthy of listing and that are of sufficient significance that they should be preserved.

The Society encourages owners to submit their properties for consideration. There will be no restrictions placed on the owner who wishes to alter or demolish the landmark, but the owner is urged to maintain and preserve this listing so that it may continue to be on the Register.

The Society would hope that being on the Register would increase the pride of ownership and that properties would be well maintained and increase local and city-wide interest in neighborhoods. The Board would honor this site with a suitable marker.

The owner should perform the necessary research to complete the nomination form, although help can be provided to accomplish this if necessary.

In order to qualify for designation a site, building, structure, object or monument as a Historic Landmark, it should be 50 or more years old and have integrity. If the property is less than 50 years old, it must possess special historic, architectural, cultural, political, social or archeological significance as part of the heritage of Lakewood. A Historic Landmark must meet one or more of the following criteria:

  1. The structure or building represents distinctive characteristics of a type, period or type of construction or use of materials;

  2. It represents the work or craftsmanship of a master designer, architect or builder who is either locally, regionally or nationally recognized;

  3. It is associated with the lives of people who have made significant historical contributions either on a local, regional or national level;

  4. It has or may yield important archaeological, environmental or geographical information that enriches our understanding of history in Lakewood;

  5. It is significant as the only or one of a few remaining examples of an architectural style or use, or it represents historically or culturally style of life in the past;

  6. It has a unique location, natural setting or physical characteristic that establishes it as a familiar or recognizable visual feature to the area;

  7. It is associated with an antiquated use resulting from technological or social change (examples:mining, bridges, wagon or stagecoach roads, railroad stops, railway beds, hitching posts, etc)

  8. It is a monument, birthplace, cemetery or grave of a historic person or people.

  9. It has already been designed on the National Register of Historic Places or the State Register of Historic Properties.

The Lakewood Historical Society’s Register of Historic Landmarks

(More details to come)

Addenbrooke Park Fireplace

Casa Bonita

Cason Howell House

Cline House

Davies Chuck Wagon Diner

Everitt Farm

Hayden Ranch Gate Post

Heavenly Paradise

Hill Section, Golden Hill Cemetery

Isaac Solomon Synagogue

Kellogg House

Mercy Grove/Blue Manor

Mile Hi Church

O'Kane House

Panoramic Park

Peterson House

Rose Cottage

Schnell Farm

Schupp House

Stone House

Trolley 25

Ward House

Washington Heights School

World War II Memorial